Portrait of Michael Ade-Ojo, partner of SMT and Philippe de Moerloose in Nigeria

Michael Ade-Ojo et Philippe de Moerloose à Abuja, dans le cadre de leur partenariat au sein de SMT Nigeria.

The information and current affairs portal Économie Matin has published an article which presents the journey of Michael Ade-Ojo, a renowned Nigerian businessman, partner with Philippe de Moerloose and the SDA-SDAI Consortium for almost 10 years within SMT Nigeria – subsidiary of SMT Group, owned by SDA-SDAI.

Philippe de Moerloose was particularly prompted to express himself with regard to his collaboration and partnership with Michael Ade-Ojo, speaking highly of its qualities, merits and experience: « The Belgian businessman Philippe de Moerloose confirms this tendency: « Nigeria, for demographic and economic reasons, is today one of the most promising markets in Africa, particularly in the automobile distribution sector ». Director and founder of the SDA-SDAI Consortium, Philippe de Moerloose knows Michael Ade-Ojo well since they have been partners for almost 10 years within SMT Nigeria (subsidiary of SMT Group, owned by SDA-SDAI): « I am delighted with our collaboration, which has been going on for ten years now. It is a win-win partnership: Michael Ade-Ojo, who is an exceptional company director, brings us his knowledge of the Nigerian market whilst we place our expertise and our pan-African experience at the service of SMT Nigeria’s teams. Such good knowledge of the market, associated with a high quality distribution tool, is the basis of our subsidiary’s success in Nigeria », explains the inexhaustible entrepreneur and interlocutor, Philippe de Moerloose, when discussing the particularities and prospects of the African markets, of which he is a recognised specialist. » The full version entitled « Michael Ade-Ojo, the entrepreneur who conquered the automobile market in Nigeria », is available here: www.economiematin.fr/news-entreprise- automobile-afrique- developpementade-ojo