SDA Holding


The SDA-SDAI Consortium includes private financial holdings whose investments are fulfilled in Africa and in Europe. We concentrate our resources on domains in which we have gained expertise by investing and by developing leading world-renowned automobile distribution, industrial, mining, agricultural and construction machinery companies.

Our mastery of the African markets and of the distribution sector echo the pathway of Philippe de Moerloose, founder and controlling shareholder of the Group. A Belgian businessman who has always resided in Africa, he has gradually gathered professionals around him to form the current Consortium team. The stability of our shareholder structure contributes to the long-term dynamism in which our employees place their financial, strategic and operational expertise to the service of creating the value of our portfolio.


After its establishment, our Consortium’s ambition is to exploit for the best the opportunities offered by the African continent, whilst applying, without compromise, the European professional standards of good governance, risk management, financial modelling and respect of the normative framework. Our objective is to bring together the best of business culture of these two continents. Resolutely concerned for a long-term return, the SDA-SDAI Consortium has systematically re-invested its profits in the sustained growth of its subsidiaries, presenting a healthy balance sheet and quality financial ratios.


Whilst attentive to balancing organic and external growth, the Consortium permanently acquires and develops companies which each hold a leading position in their respective markets. We are careful to closely support their individual returns, whilst controlling our global risk for pan-African and European geographical diversification and market segments. We are convinced that these diverse growth leverages, as well as the quality and transparency of our relationship with the management of our different subsidiaries are favourable to the agreement of privileged partnerships by the latter with first- class global players.


Recently, SDA-SDAI Consortium made its first acquisition in the Benelux countries, thus opening the route towards new developments in Europe.